A golf towel may seem like a simple accessory, but its significance on the course cannot be underestimated. A reliable and well-designed golf towel can keep your equipment clean, your hands dry, and your focus on a point. 

With countless options available in the market, finding the best golf towel that suits your needs can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the best golf towel reviews and provide you with a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Best Golf Towel


Callaway Tri-Fold Towel

The Callaway Tri-Fold Towel is a popular choice among golfers due to its high absorbency and durability. Made from 100% cotton, it features a unique tri-fold design that fits perfectly on your golf bag. The towel also includes a carabiner clip for easy attachment. With its large size, it excels at keeping your clubs and balls clean throughout your round.

Best Golf Towel

Key Features

Superior Absorbency for Optimal Performance

The Callaway Tri-Fold Towel is crafted with premium materials designed to provide superior absorbency. Whether you’re dealing with morning dew or an unexpected rain shower, this towel ensures your clubs stay dry for consistent, top-notch performance on the course. Say goodbye to moisture-related grip issues and hello to a more confident swing.

Compact and Portable Design

Convenience is key, and the Callaway Tri-Fold Towel excels in this department. The tri-fold design allows for easy storage in your golf bag without taking up valuable space. Its compact nature doesn’t compromise on size when unfolded, ensuring you have ample towel coverage when needed. Golfers on the go will appreciate the practicality of this thoughtfully designed accessory.

Durable Construction for Long-lasting Use

Investing in quality pays off, and the Callaway Tri-Fold Towel is a testament to that philosophy. Built with durability in mind, this towel can withstand the rigors of the golf course. The high-quality materials ensure that it stands the test of time, making it a reliable choice for avid golfers who demand longevity from their equipment.

Stylish Branding for a Professional Look

Show off your commitment to excellence with the iconic Callaway branding featured on the Tri-Fold Towel. Not only does it perform exceptionally well, but it also adds a touch of style to your golf gear. The classic Callaway logo is a symbol of quality that resonates with golf enthusiasts worldwide, making a statement about your dedication to the sport.

Versatility Beyond the Golf Course

While the Callaway Tri-Fold Towel is a golf essential, its uses extend beyond the course. Keep it in your gym bag, use it during outdoor activities, or even carry it on your travels. The versatility of this towel makes it a practical addition to your lifestyle, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable wherever your adventures take you.

High Absorbency
Durable Construction
Convenient Tri-Fold Design
Microfiber Technology
Brand Trust and Reputation
Color: Black
Brand: Callaway
Age Range (Description): All Ages
Material: Cotton
Product Dimensions: 21″L x 16″ W
Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel

The Greens Towel is a microfiber option known for its exceptional ability to absorb moisture and dirt. Its small size and lightweight design make it easy to carry in your pocket or attach to your bag. The microfiber material ensures that the towel dries quickly and remains odor-free even after prolonged use.

Best Golf Towel

Available in various colors, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking a compact and efficient golf towel.

Key Features

Superior Absorbency

The Greens Towel is crafted from premium microfiber material, known for its exceptional absorbent qualities. Say goodbye to damp hands and clubs, as this golf towel efficiently absorbs moisture, ensuring you maintain a firm grip and optimal playing conditions.

Quick-Drying Technology

No one wants to carry around a wet and heavy towel on the course. Our Microfiber Golf Towel is engineered with quick-drying technology, allowing you to stay focused on your swing without the distraction of a soggy towel. Stay comfortable and keep your equipment dry throughout your entire round.

Compact and Portable

We understand the importance of convenience on the golf course. The Greens Towel is not only highly functional but also compact and portable. Attach it to your golf bag with the durable carabiner clip, and you’ll always have a reliable and easily accessible towel at your fingertips.

Lint-Free Cleaning

Maintain the pristine condition of your golf clubs with the Greens Towel’s lint-free cleaning capabilities. The microfiber material is gentle on your equipment while effectively removing dirt, grass, and debris. Enjoy a spotless finish on your clubs, ensuring optimal performance with every swing.

Stylish Design Options

Express your style on the golf course with our range of stylish design options. Whether you prefer classic simplicity or bold patterns, the Greens Towel has a design to suit every golfer’s taste. Elevate your game with a towel that not only performs but also complements your style.

Durability That Lasts

Invest in a golf towel that stands the test of time. The Greens Towel is built with durability, ensuring it remains a reliable companion through countless rounds of golf. Its high-quality construction means you can focus on your game without worrying about the wear and tear of your essential golf accessories.

Superior Absorbency
Compact and Lightweight
Durable and Long-Lasting
Lint-Free Performance
Versatile Use
Size: One Size
Color: Multi-Team Color
Fabric type: 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide
Care instructions: Machine Wash
Origin: Made in the USA and Imported
Country of Origin: China
Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel

The Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel offers a premium look and feel with its jacquard woven design and high-quality cotton material. This large, soft towel boasts excellent absorbency, making it perfect for hot and humid days on the course. 

Best Golf Towel

The innovative center-hole design allows you to easily loop it through your clubheads for quick access during play. The Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel is a stylish and practical choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Key Features

Advanced Absorbency Technology

One of the standout features of the Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel is its advanced absorbency technology. Engineered to swiftly wick away moisture, this towel ensures your clubs stay clean and dry, allowing you to maintain optimal performance throughout your game. Say goodbye to inconvenient delays caused by damp clubs and hello to consistent swings with every stroke.

Luxurious Jacquard Weave Design

Elevate your golfing style with the luxurious Jacquard weave design of this towel. The intricate patterns not only showcase your refined taste but also add a touch of sophistication to your golfing gear. Stand out on the green, not just for your swing but for your impeccable sense of style.

Durable and Built to Last

Nike is renowned for its commitment to quality, and the Golf Tour Jacquard Towel is no exception. Constructed with durable materials, this towel is built to withstand the rigors of the golf course. Whether you’re a casual weekend golfer or a seasoned pro, you can trust that this towel will be a reliable companion round after round.

Convenient Size for On-Course Comfort

Designed with the golfer’s convenience in mind, the Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel comes in an ideal size that strikes the perfect balance between functionality and portability. Big enough to handle all your club cleaning needs, yet compact enough to effortlessly hang on your golf bag, this towel is a practical addition to your golfing arsenal.

Embroidered Nike Swoosh for a Touch of Brand Elegance

Show off your allegiance to quality and style with the embroidered Nike Swoosh on the Golf Tour Jacquard Towel. The iconic logo is a symbol of excellence, representing a brand that consistently delivers top-tier products. Let your golf accessories reflect your commitment to the best in sports equipment.

The Perfect Gift for Golf Enthusiasts

Looking for an ideal gift for the golf enthusiast in your life? The Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel is a thoughtful and practical choice. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday, or a token of appreciation for a golf-loving friend, this towel is sure to be a hole-in-one gift.

Premium Quality Material
Absorbency and Quick-Drying
Bold and Distinctive Design
Versatility and Functionality
Brand Reputation and Trust
Color: White | Black
Brand: Nike
Towel form type: Bath Towel
Age Range (Description): All Ages
Material: 100% Cotton
Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel

The Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel stands out for its dual-textured design, featuring a rougher scrubber side for deep cleaning and a softer side for delicate surfaces like clubheads and grips. Made from bamboo-derived viscose, this eco-friendly towel offers superior absorbency and antimicrobial properties to prevent odor buildup.

Best Golf Towel

The included retractable lanyard enables you to attach the towel securely to your bag, ensuring it stays within reach.

Key Features

Unparalleled Absorbency

The Amphibian Golf Towel takes pride in its exceptional absorbency, thanks to its cutting-edge technology. The microfiber construction is designed to absorb moisture rapidly, keeping your clubs and golf balls in optimal condition throughout your round. Say goodbye to inconvenient waterlogged towels and hello to a consistently dry and reliable accessory.

Dual-Sided Design

Versatility meets functionality with the dual-sided design of the Amphibian Golf Towel. One side features a plush and ultra-absorbent surface, perfect for wiping away moisture and dirt from your clubs. On the flip side, a durable scrubber surface allows you to tackle tougher debris, ensuring that your equipment remains in pristine condition, swing after swing.

Compact and Convenient

Golf is a sport that requires focus and precision, and the last thing you need is cumbersome equipment weighing you down. The Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel is compact and lightweight, effortlessly attaching to your golf bag with its secure carabiner. Enjoy the convenience of having a high-performance towel within arm’s reach without sacrificing space or adding unnecessary bulk to your gear.

Stylish on the Green

Why settle for functionality alone when you can make a statement on the green? The Amphibian Golf Towel boasts a sleek and modern design, adding a touch of style to your golfing ensemble. Available in a range of vibrant colors, you can choose the one that suits your personality and elevates your golfing aesthetics.

Durability that Lasts

Investing in quality equipment is a key aspect of any golfer’s journey, and the Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel is built to withstand the rigors of the game. The durable construction ensures longevity, so you can count on this towel to be a reliable companion on your golfing adventures for seasons to come.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Golf is a sport that demands your attention, and the last thing you want to worry about is the upkeep of your equipment. The Amphibian Golf Towel is not only high-performing but also easy to care for. Toss it in the washing machine when needed, and it’s ready to go, maintaining its performance and appearance with minimal effort on your part.

Advanced Absorbency
Dual-Sided Design
Attachment Options
Anti-Microbial Properties
Color: Red
Brand: Frogger
Age Range (Description): Adult
Material: 50% Cotton / 50% viscose derived from Bamboo
Product Dimensions: 8″L x 4″ W
Titleist Players Towel

Titleist is a trusted name in the golfing world, and their Players’ Towel lives up to their reputation. Constructed from high-quality microfiber, this towel absorbs moisture and grime effectively, ensuring your clubs and hands stay dry during play. 

Best Golf Towel

The waffle-weave texture provides added cleaning power, making it a reliable choice for golfers seeking top-notch performance and durability.

Key Features

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

The Titleist Players Towel boasts exceptional craftsmanship, setting it apart from ordinary golf towels. Made from high-quality, durable materials, this towel is built to withstand the rigors of the golf course. The plush, absorbent fabric ensures efficient moisture removal, keeping your clubs and hands dry for optimal performance.

Ultimate Absorbency

Picture this: you’ve just finished a perfect swing, and your ball lands on the green. Now, you reach for your Titleist Player’s Towel to wipe away any traces of grass, mud, or moisture from your clubface. Thanks to its superior absorbency, this towel excels at quickly and effectively drying your equipment, ensuring that each shot is as precise as the last.

Striking Design, Unmistakable Branding

The Titleist Players Towel isn’t just a practical accessory; it’s a style statement on the golf course. Featuring the iconic Titleist logo and a sleek design, this towel not only complements your golf gear but also showcases your commitment to excellence. Stand out from the crowd with a towel that reflects the same level of quality and prestige as your Titleist clubs.

Compact and Convenient

Golfers have enough to carry in their bags without adding bulky accessories. The Titleist Players Towel is designed with convenience in mind. Its compact size ensures that it won’t take up valuable space in your golf bag, and the easily attachable loop means you can keep it within arm’s reach whenever you need it.

Versatility On and Off the Course

While the primary purpose of the Titleist Players Towel is to keep your clubs clean and dry during your round, its versatility extends beyond the golf course. Whether you’re at the driving range, practicing at home, or even on a stroll through the course, this towel is a multi-functional companion that proves it’s worth time and again.

A Perfect Gift for Golf Enthusiasts

Looking for the ideal gift for the golf lover in your life? The Titleist Players Towel makes for a thoughtful and practical present. Showcasing your attention to detail and understanding of their passion, this towel is a gift that will be appreciated and put to good use on every round.

Premium Quality Materials
Distinctive Branding
Optimal Size and Thickness
Versatility in Use
Durable Construction
Color: Black
Brand: Titleist
Towel form type: Bath Towel
Age Range (Description): Adult
Material: Cotton

Absorbency Testing

  • Evaluate the towel’s ability to absorb moisture, such as sweat or water from golf clubs.
  • Conduct tests using standardized amounts of water or simulated sweat to measure the towel’s absorbency.

Material Durability:

  • Assess the durability of the towel material under normal usage conditions.
  • Consider factors like resistance to wear and tear, colorfastness, and resistance to fading after repeated washes.

Lint and Fiber Shedding:

  • Check for lint or fiber shedding, as excessive shedding can be inconvenient during use.
  • Conduct tests to determine how well the towel holds up over time without losing its fibers.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Evaluate the ease of cleaning the golf towel.
  • Assess how well the towel maintains its quality after multiple washes, and whether it requires any specific care instructions.

Size and Design:

  • Ensure that the towel is of an appropriate size for its intended use on the golf course.
  • Assess the design elements for aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Quick Drying:

  • Evaluate how quickly the towel dries after being wet, ensuring that it remains effective during use.

Color Fastness:

  • Test the colorfastness of the towel to ensure that it doesn’t bleed or fade when exposed to water or other elements.

Odor Resistance:

  • Assess whether the towel has any resistance to retaining odors, especially after prolonged use.

Attachment Mechanism:

  • If the towel includes an attachment mechanism, such as a clip or grommet, test its strength and durability.

Overall Performance in Various Conditions:

  • Simulate different weather conditions that golfers might encounter on the course, such as rain or hot, sunny days, and evaluate how the towel performs in these scenarios.

User Feedback:

  • Gather feedback from golfers who have used the towel in real-world conditions. This can provide valuable insights into the user experience.

Before diving into the reviews, let’s understand why investing in a high-quality golf towel is essential. Golf is a sport that requires precision and focus, and having clean and dry equipment plays a significant role in achieving consistent performance. 

A good golf towel helps maintain your clubface, grips, and golf balls, ensuring they stay free from dirt, debris, and moisture.



  • Standard Towel: These are typically larger and can be draped over your golf bag. They provide more surface area for cleaning clubs and can also be used to wipe your hands or face.
  • Tri-fold or Microfiber Towel: These are smaller and can be hung on your golf bag. They are lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Cotton: Traditional cotton towels are absorbent and can easily wipe away dirt and moisture. However, they may become heavy when wet.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, and dry quickly. They are excellent for removing dirt and moisture efficiently.


  • Look for towels with reinforced edges or stitching to ensure durability, especially if you plan on using the towel frequently.

Attachment Options

  • Choose a golf towel with a clip or grommet, so you can easily attach it to your golf bag. This keeps it accessible during your round.

Color and Style

  • While the color and style may not affect the towel’s performance, it’s still a personal preference. Some golfers prefer neutral colors, while others like bold or team colors.


  • Consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the towel. Microfiber towels are often machine washable and maintain their effectiveness over time.


  • Some golf towels come with additional features, such as a built-in scrubber for tough stains or a groove cleaner for clubfaces. Assess your needs and preferences for these extra functionalities.

Brand and Reviews

  • Choose a reputable brand known for producing high-quality golf towels. Reading reviews from other golfers can also provide insights into the towel’s performance and durability.


  • Golf towels come in a range of prices. Consider your budget, but keep in mind that a durable and effective towel is a worthwhile investment for maintaining your clubs.


  • Some golfers like to personalize their towels with monograms or custom logos. If this is important to you, choose a towel that allows for customization.

Remember that the best golf towel for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and how you intend to use it. Whether you prioritize size, material, durability, or additional features, finding the right balance will help keep your clubs clean and in top condition on the golf course.

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To ensure your golf towel remains effective and long-lasting, proper care and maintenance are essential. Follow these tips to keep your towel in top condition:

Regular Washing: Wash your golf towel every few rounds or as needed. Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions, usually a gentle cycle with cold water. Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can reduce the towel’s absorbency.

Air Drying: Whenever possible, air dry your golf towel instead of using a dryer. High heat can damage the fibers and reduce their effectiveness.

Stain Removal: If your golf towel gets stained, treat the stain promptly. Pre-treat it with a stain remover or a mixture of mild detergent and water before washing.

Keep it Separate: Avoid washing your golf towel with other clothing items, especially those that produce lint. Lint can stick to the towel and reduce its performance.

Rotate Towels: If you play frequently, consider having multiple golf towels in rotation. This way, you’ll always have a clean and dry towel ready for your next round.

The Versatility of Golf Towels

Golf towels are not limited to just cleaning your clubs and balls. They have several other uses that can come in handy on and off the course:

Sweat Absorption: During hot and humid days, use your golf towel to wipe sweat from your face and neck, helping you stay comfortable and focused.

Hand Cleaning: After applying sunscreen, mud, or any other substance that might affect your grip, use your golf towel to clean your hands thoroughly.

Seat Cover: When the ground is damp, you can use your golf towel as a seat cover to keep your clothes clean during breaks.

Rain Protection: In light rain, you can use your golf towel to cover your clubs and protect them from moisture.

Specialty Golf Towels

Beyond the traditional golf towels, there are specialty towels designed to address specific golfer needs:

Cooling Towels: These towels are made from a special material that, when soaked in water and wrung out, provides a cooling effect when draped around your neck or forehead. Ideal for staying cool on scorching days.

Brush Towels: Combining a towel and a brush, these towels have bristles integrated into the fabric, allowing you to clean your clubs more effectively.

Personalized Towels: Some companies offer personalized golf towels with your name, initials, or favorite golf course logo. These towels make great gifts and add a touch of personalization to your golf gear.

Tips for Using Best Golf Towels Effectively

Using your golf towel strategically can make a noticeable difference in your game. Here are some tips to make the most of your golf towel:

Pre-Wet the Towel: On hot days, before you start your round, dampen your golf towel slightly. This pre-wetting will make it more effective in cleaning your clubs and keeping you cool throughout the game.

Keep it Accessible: Attach your golf towel to a convenient location on your golf bag or carry it in your pocket for easy access. Having it readily available ensures you can use it whenever needed without disrupting your rhythm on the course.

Clean Your Ball: In addition to cleaning your clubs, use your golf towel to wipe your golf ball before putting it. A clean ball will roll more smoothly and consistently, increasing your chances of sinking putts.

Use Different Sections: If your golf towel has multiple sections, designate specific areas for different purposes. For instance, reserve one section for cleaning clubheads and another for drying your hands.

Rotate and Fold: To keep your towel’s cleaning efficiency, rotate and fold it as you use different parts. This ensures that you’re always working with a fresh and clean section.

Environmental Considerations

As golfers, it’s essential to be mindful of our impact on the environment. When choosing a golf towel, opt for eco-friendly options made from sustainable materials. Towels made from bamboo-derived viscose, for example, are a more environmentally friendly choice as bamboo is a fast-growing and renewable resource. 

Additionally, try to minimize the use of harsh cleaning chemicals and consider using biodegradable detergents when washing your towel.

DIY Golf Towel Care

If you prefer a hands-on approach to golf towel care, you can make your DIY golf towel cleaning solution. Mix a small amount of mild dish soap with water in a spray bottle, and use this solution to pre-treat stains or lightly clean your towel before washing. 

This DIY approach ensures you have control over the cleaning agents and can be especially useful for those with sensitive skin.

Golf Towels as Gifts

Golf towels make fantastic gifts for golfers of all levels. Consider giving a personalized golf towel as a thoughtful present for a golf-loving friend or family member. You can have their name, initials, or a special message embroidered on the towel to add a personal touch. 

It’s a gift that is not only practical but also shows that you understand their passion for the game.

The Evolution of Golf Towels

Golf towels have come a long way since their early days as simple pieces of cloth. Initially, golfers used any available fabric, such as handkerchiefs or rags, to clean their equipment during a round. As the sport gained popularity in the early 20th century, specialized golf towels started to emerge.

In the past, cotton towels were the standard choice due to their softness and absorbency. However, as technology advanced, microfiber towels began to gain popularity. Microfiber is made from extremely fine synthetic fibers that have a higher surface area than natural fibers, giving them superior water and dirt absorption capabilities. 

This innovation revolutionized the golf towel industry, providing golfers with towels that were more effective and quick-drying.

As golf towels continued to evolve, manufacturers started incorporating innovative features such as built-in clips or loops, making them easier to attach to golf bags. 

Towels with dual-textured surfaces, combining soft and scrubbing sides, were also introduced to provide more versatility in cleaning different surfaces of golf clubs.

Addressing Environmental Concerns

In recent years, environmental awareness has become a significant concern for golfers and golf equipment manufacturers alike. To address these concerns, several companies now offer golf towels made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Organic cotton towels are a popular choice as they are produced without harmful pesticides and chemicals. 

Towels made from recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, have also gained traction in the market, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Furthermore, some golf towel companies have taken steps to support environmental causes by donating a portion of their proceeds to conservation efforts or partnering with organizations focused on environmental protection. 

Choosing an environmentally friendly golf towel is not only a responsible choice but also a way to contribute positively to the planet.

Unique Features and Customization

Golf towel manufacturers continue to innovate and introduce unique features to cater to specific golfer needs. For example, some towels now come with integrated bristles or brushes, providing a more comprehensive cleaning solution for golfers who desire extra cleaning power.

Customization has also become popular, allowing golfers to add a personal touch to their towels. Many companies offer embroidery services, allowing you to have your name, initials, or even your favorite golf course logo stitched onto the towel.

Reviews from Golfers

Real-world reviews from golfers are invaluable when choosing the best golf towel. Before making a purchase, take the time to read customer feedback and testimonials. 

Online platforms and golfing forums often feature discussions and reviews of golf towels, giving you insights into the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of different products.

Additionally, consider seeking recommendations from fellow golfers or your local golf pro. They may have valuable insights based on their experience with various golf towels, helping you make a well-informed decision.

The Future of Golf Towels

As technology and environmental awareness continue to advance, the future of golf towels looks promising. Manufacturers are likely to explore even more sustainable materials and innovative designs to enhance the efficiency and usability of golf towels further. 

We can expect to see more eco-friendly options and perhaps even biodegradable towels that minimize their impact on the environment.

With the growing popularity of smart devices and wearable technology, there is also the potential for golf towels to be integrated with additional functionalities, such as RFID tracking to prevent loss or GPS capabilities to enhance the golfing experience.


What is a golf towel, and why do I need one?

A golf towel is a specialized towel designed to clean and maintain golf equipment, primarily clubs and golf balls, during a round of golf. 

It is an essential accessory for golfers because it helps keep your equipment clean, ensures proper grip, and allows for consistent performance on the course.

What are golf towels made of?

Golf towels are typically made from two main materials: cotton and microfiber. Cotton towels are soft, and absorbent, and have been a traditional choice for golfers. 

Microfiber towels, on the other hand, offer superior water and moisture absorption, and quick-drying properties, and are excellent for wet conditions.

How do I attach a golf towel to my golf bag?

Many golf towels come with built-in clips or loops that allow you to easily attach them to your golf bag. You can loop the towel through a bag strap or use a carabiner clip to secure it in place for easy access during play.

Can I use my golf towel for other purposes?

Yes, golf towels are versatile and can serve various purposes on and off the golf course

Besides cleaning clubs and balls, you can use your golf towel to wipe your hands, face, and neck, protect your clubs from light rain, and even use it as a seat cover on damp surfaces.

How often should I wash my golf towel?

It’s essential to wash your golf towel regularly, especially if you play frequently. After every few rounds or when it becomes visibly soiled, wash the towel following the manufacturer’s care instructions. 

Avoid using fabric softeners, as they can reduce the towel’s absorbency.

Are there eco-friendly options for golf towels?

Yes, there are eco-friendly options for golf towels available. Towels made from organic cotton or recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, are more sustainable choices. 

Additionally, some companies support environmental causes by donating proceeds or partnering with conservation organizations.

What size of golf towel should I choose?

The size of the golf towel depends on your preferences and needs. Small hand towels are convenient for carrying in your pocket, while larger caddy towels offer more versatility for cleaning larger areas and your entire set of clubs.

Can I personalize my golf towel with my name or logo?

Yes, many golf towel manufacturers offer customization options. You can have your name, initials, or favorite golf course logo embroidered onto the towel for a personalized touch.

How do I effectively use my golf towel during a round?

To use your golf towel effectively, keep it easily accessible on your golf bag or in your pocket. Pre-wet the towel on hot days, clean your clubs and balls regularly, and wipe your hands and golf balls before putting for better grip and performance.

How do I choose the best golf towel for my needs?

When choosing a golf towel, consider factors like material, size, durability, attachment options, and environmental considerations. Read reviews and seek recommendations from other golfers to help make an informed decision.


A golf towel may be a small accessory, but its impact on your game is substantial. Investing in a high-quality golf towel will keep your equipment clean, your hands dry, and your focus sharp on the course. 

Consider the material, size, durability, attachment options, and cleaning process when choosing the best golf towel that fits your needs.

Based on our reviews, the Callaway Tri-Fold Towel, Greens Towel Microfiber Golf Towel, Nike Golf Tour Jacquard Towel, Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel, and Titleist Players Towel are among the top choices. 

Each towel offers unique features and benefits, catering to different preferences and playing styles.

Remember, the best golf towel is one that suits your specific needs and enhances your overall golfing experience. So, equip yourself with a reliable golf towel, and watch your game improve on and off the course. 

Happy golfing!

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